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What weed laws you should be aware of before arriving in Thailand.

Dec 14, 2022

If you are just arriving in Thailand, you have probably heard and seen all the cool things going on with cannabis. Here is some important information to help guide you.


Railay Beach Krabi Thailand


it’s important to first note that smoking cannabis in public remains unauthorized. Doing so can be considered a public nuisance in some parts of the country and could result in a telling off by local authorities, so it’s best to be as respectful as possible to your host country and smoke discreetly whether in a dispensary smoking lounge, or the comfort of your own property.


Young girl enjoying a smoke at home


Although weed is now legal here, not everyone is pleased about it, and I have personally seen funny looks from locals towards some foreigners who light up at bars. It’s akin to smoking cigarettes around nonsmokers.

When it comes to the sale and consumption of cannabis products, cafes and restaurants are allowed to serve cannabis-infused food and drinks but must abide by certain parameters set by Thai law. For these products to be legally sold, they must contain less than 0.2 percent THC; however, there is still relatively little oversight so many shops sell products that exceed this limit. Make sure you ask your dispensary how much THC is in an edible before consuming.


Edibles in Thailand by law must contain 0.2 THC


Dispensary sales of cannabis products are not allowed for pregnant women as doing so would result in a fine for the dispensary. Furthermore, individuals under the age of 20 are not permitted to purchase from dispensaries. At the time of writing, there are no limits on how much cannabis an individual can possess at one time within the country. So, if you have come to Thailand as a 2-week millionaire proceed to go crazy! Of course, we will always advocate for responsible consumption.


Ask at your local dispensary


For those looking for advice on what strain may suit their needs best – whether it’s for medicinal purposes or recreational use – dispensaries have assistants on hand who often have valuable insight into which strain might work best for them based on their specific needs or preferences. It’s always wise to speak with someone educated on cannabis before purchasing any product as they may be able to offer advice that can enhance your experience while visiting Thailand.

It’s also helpful for tourists to keep up with current legislation regarding cannabis use and possession; changes are happening rapidly so staying informed is key! All in all, travelers looking to visit Thailand should know that consuming cannabis can now be done safely and legally—provided they abide by all applicable laws.