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What is Thai Stick? And where to find it in Phuket?

Jan 17, 2023

Thai Stick in Phuket Thailand, for sale and delivery.

Thai Stick in Phuket Thailand, for sale and delivery.


Thai stick weed, also known as “Bamboo weed,” is a type of cannabis that has a long history and cultural significance in Thailand. The origins of Thai stick can be traced back to the 1970s, when it was first introduced to Western culture through the hippie trail in Southeast Asia.

Thai stick is made by hand-tying cannabis buds around a bamboo stick, which is then coated in cannabis oil and rolled in kief. This process gives the cannabis a unique aroma and flavor, as well as a potent high. The buds used to make Thai stick are often grown in the high mountain regions of Thailand, where the ideal climate and soil conditions provide the perfect environment for growing high-quality cannabis.

Smoking Thai stick is often compared to smoking a cigar, as it requires a slower, more leisurely pace. Unlike a traditional joint or cigarette, Thai stick is meant to be savored and enjoyed over a longer period of time. This allows the smoker to fully appreciate the aroma and flavor of the cannabis, as well as the gradual onset of the high.

When inhaled, Thai stick can produce a potent and long-lasting high that is often described as euphoric and relaxing. Many people find that Thai stick helps to alleviate stress and anxiety, as well as providing a sense of calm and well-being. It can also produce a strong body buzz and can be helpful to alleviate pain.

Thai stick is typically smoked in the same way as a traditional joint or cigarette. The bamboo stick serves as the “skewer” holding the buds together and is not meant to be smoked, it is removed before smoking.

To smoke Thai stick, you simply remove the bamboo stick and roll the cannabis buds into a joint or cigarette shape. You can also use a pipe or a bong if you prefer. Once the Thai stick is rolled, you light it and inhale the smoke. The unique aroma and flavor of Thai stick, as well as its potent high, make it a popular choice among cannabis enthusiasts.

One of the unique characteristics of Thai stick is that it burns slowly, much like a cigar. This is due to the way it is made, with the cannabis buds being hand-tied around a bamboo stick and coated in cannabis oil. This not only gives the Thai stick its distinctive appearance, but also helps to slow down the burn rate.

If you’re planning a trip to Phuket and want to try Thai stick, you can find it at various dispensaries. For top-quality Thai stick, contact us to find out where the best in your area is, or get the best Thai stick delivered straight to your door. As the saying goes, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do,” and when in Thailand, try the traditional Thai stick.