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What are Thai Buddha Sticks?

Aug 14, 2023

Roll out the red carpet, folks! The King Palm Cannagar is here to take your cannabis experience from everyday to extraordinary. These aren’t just any old cigars. Oh no! These are cannabis cigars, also known as Thai Buddha Sticks or Big Buddha Sticks, if you’re feeling fancy. They’re a magnificent mashup of tradition and innovation, hand-rolled with natural palm leaves and jam-packed with high-quality Cannabis flower and Kief. Each puff is like a little party in your mouth!


Thai Buddha sticks - cannabis cigars in Phuket


Get ready for the smoothest ride of your life. Our King Palm cannabis cigars burn slow and steady, giving you ample time to enjoy every flavorful moment. And with the blend of cannabis flower and Kief, each puff packs a punch.  The (1g) Thai Buddha Stick has got you covered for about 30 minutes burn time which in its self is quite long. But if you’re planning a longer, leisurely session, go for the Big Buddha Stick (5g) – it’ll keep you company for 2 hours or more.


Thai Buddha sticks - cannabis cigars in Phuket


Currently, we’re rocking the OG Haze (sativa) strain with 0.2 grams of kief, but watch this space because we’ve got plans to introduce even more strains. This is the ultimate treat for those who love a good, long, relaxing smoke.

And guess what? Getting your hands on these premium cannabis cigars is as easy as pie! We offer multiple payment options – cash on delivery, in-store, or direct bank transfer. Pick up your order at our store in Phuket, get same-day delivery within Phuket, or have it shipped anywhere in Thailand within 2-3 days. With the Thai Buddha Sticks, a premium cannabis experience is always just a puff away.


Thai Buddha sticks - cannabis cigars in Phuket


So what are you waiting for? Order your King Palm Cannagar – Thai Buddha Sticks today and let the good times roll!

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