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THC: 18 - 22%



Medical Condition(s)

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Wild Thai

Wild Thai is a rare and exotic cannabis strain known for its unique blend of effects and exceptional taste profile. The effects of Wild Thai are well-suited to those who desire a stimulating and uplifting high. Upon consumption, users report a noticeable increase in energy and mood enhancement, often accompanied by a heightened sense of creativity and focus. These intense yet enjoyable sensations lend themselves well to various activities such as social gatherings, outdoor adventures, or creative pursuits.In addition to its energizing high, Wild Thai is also recognized for its potential therapeutic benefits, particularly in alleviating symptoms of chronic pain, depression, fatigue, headaches, nausea, and stress. Its ability to simultaneously activate and uplift mind and body makes Wild Thai a diverse and effective option for medical cannabis patients seeking relief for a wide range of ailments. One of the primary factors distinguishing Wild Thai from other strains is its remarkable flavor and aroma profile. As the name suggests, this strain boasts a distinct and harmonious combination of flavors, ranging from sweet and tangy citrus, to rich and ripe berries, and finishing with a light touch of sourness.

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