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THC: 15-20%

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Gypsy Kush

Gypsy Kush is a potent and well-balanced Indica Dominant Hybrid that delivers a diverse array of effects. It is highly regarded for its ability to induce a euphoric state of mind, accompanied by giggly and sociable tendencies. Users often report a sense of happiness and uplifting that can last for hours. The relaxing properties of Gypsy Kush make it an ideal strain for those dealing with conditions such as bipolar disorder, depression, and stress. Many users find that it helps alleviate mood swings and fatigue as well, making it a go-to choice for individuals seeking relief from a range of emotional and physical symptoms. One of the reasons why Gypsy Kush is so beloved is its unique and delightful flavor profile. The strain features a sweet and fruity taste that blends notes of pine and wood for a robust, earthy finish. The smell is equally pleasing, with a prominent aroma of spicy pine and subtle notes of flowers and wood

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