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Flowerbomb Kush

Flowerbomb Kush is an extremely popular Sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain known to be deeply relaxing and euphoric. This strain is often described as having an almost hypnotic effect, leaving users feeling happy, uplifted and in a meditative state. The aroma of this strain is citrusy, floral, herbal, piney, pungent, and spicy. Flowerbomb Kush is known to help alleviate symptoms related to anorexia, anxiety, arthritis, bipolar disorder, chronic pain, depression, insomnia, muscle spasms, and nightmares. With its dominant terpene humulene and awards such as 1st place in the Indica Breeders Cup and 2nd place in the Coffeeshop Flowers High Times Cannabis Cup, it is no surprise why this strain has become so popular among cannabis connoisseurs alike.

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