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THC: 18-22%

Medical Condition(s)

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Dosi Punch

Dosi punch is a cannabis strain known for its impressive effects and therapeutic benefits. When consumed, this hybrid strain provides users with a powerful body high that induces feelings of happiness and relaxation. These effects are particularly useful for those who suffer from anxiety, chronic pain, depression, insomnia, and stress, as Dosi Punch has been found to alleviate these symptoms effectively. In addition to its therapeutic properties, Dosi Punch is also celebrated for its distinct flavors and aromas. Its flavor profile is characterized by fruity notes, grape undertones, nutty overtones, and a delightful sweetness that makes it enjoyable to consume. Moreover, Dosi Punch is a popular strain among cannabis enthusiasts as it provides a high that is both calming and energizing. Though initially calming, it eventually leads to a sedative effect that promotes restful sleep. This makes it an ideal strain for evening or nighttime use.

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