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THC: 29-33%



Medical Condition(s)

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Coochie Runtz

Coochie Runtz is a hybrid cannabis strain created by crossing two yet-to-be-determined parent strains. It was first introduced to legal markets in 2022 and has since become highly sought after among cannabis consumers, particularly those who are partial to the Runtz family of cannabis strains. This bud is known for producing energizing effects that can bring about feelings of euphoria and giggly tingles, while also offering uplifting mental effects that may help promote relaxation and relief from mood swings, chronic pain, stress, anxiety or even bipolar depression. Coochie Runtz buds have a sweet and fruity diesel scent accented by chemical undertones. When combusted, this strain produces flavours of grape, apricot and gas with an occasionally skunky finish.

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