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Crafting a hybrid like no other, the AK-48 was developed in Amsterdam during the mid-1990s by combining two powerful parent strains—Afghanica, a Sativa-dominant mix, and Mexican Sativa, an Indica-dominant type. This balanced combination offers users truly unique effects that will not disappoint. AK-48 is an indica-dominant hybrid strain with a powerful and long-lasting high that has made it a popular choice for medical marijuana patients and recreational consumers alike. It’s known for its euphoric and relaxing effects that can help ease stress, anxiety, chronic pain, depression, glaucoma, hypertension, insomnia and loss of appetite. AK-48 offers a harmonious balance of complex aromas and flavors. Noticeable sweet notes of citrus, berry and earthiness are complemented by spicy notes of pepper and pine—an inviting blend of different yet complementary tastes.

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