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Vibrational frequencies of cannabis.

Feb 13, 2023

Living in a Buddhist country this is an article about cannabis that stands out! This is a good read if you’re still trying to find the right strain for you.

“A strain high in Indica dominant terpenes or deep rich purple flora provide a more balanced and “in tune” feeling throughout your day. Whereas a straight sativa terp blend could just overstimulate the mind and cause anxiety or a feeling of mental overload.”


“One who suffers from chronic stomach or back pain that finds the right terpene and cannabinoid combination to treat their pain and discomfort now feels a higher sense of joy and mental clarity & begins to realize how many other areas of their lives have been affected by the grip of pain they are now released from.” 💯

Article written by Scot Von Heldt


Tune Up and Tune In! How the Vibrational Frequencies of Cannabis Keep Us In-Tune with Our Higher Self


Coming soon in our strains section a filter for effects, medical conditions and terpenes to help you get the best for your individual needs.