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Terpenes are the unsung heroes of the cannabis world! They’re these naturally occurring compounds found in plants and even some animals that give each strain its distinct flavour, aroma, and even colour. Think of them as the spices of the cannabis world, adding a unique twist to each strain.

But did you know that terpenes do more than just make your bud smell and taste amazing? These little guys are thought to help protect plants from harsh weather and predators, and some even have therapeutic properties! That’s right, terpenes aren’t just a pretty face, they’re smart too.

Dominant terpenes in a strain work with the amount of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids to produce the high you experience. So, understanding a strain’s terpenes is crucial to truly understanding its effects. While terpenes won’t get you high on their own, some are psychoactive and can affect your brain.

Cannabis connoisseurs and budtenders recommend focusing on terpene profiles rather than just THC content when choosing a strain. Taking a sniff and familiarizing yourself with terpenes can help you discover your new favourite strain.