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What is Moonrock?

Moonrock in Phuket


Moonrocks, the crème de la crème of cannabis, are a testament to the art of elevating your cannabis experience. Crafted by delicately rolling high-quality buds in rich hash oil and then generously dusting them with kief, moonrocks are the epitome of premium cannabis indulgence.

The result? A cannabis product that not only boasts extraordinary potency but also tantalizing flavors that awaken your senses. With THC levels consistently soaring above 50%, moonrocks are the preferred choice for seasoned cannabis aficionados seeking an unparalleled high.

While moonrocks are often enjoyed through pipes or bongs, they also make a fantastic addition to joints, infusing an extra punch into your smoke session. However, caution is key when indulging in these potent gems; a little goes a long way.

At your convenience, we offer two hassle-free payment options: cash on delivery or a simple QR code scan through Thai banking. With same-day delivery within Phuket or have them sent to any corner of Thailand within 2 – 3 days.

Experience the pinnacle of cannabis luxury with moonrocks – a fusion of artistry, potency, and flavor that transcends ordinary highs. Get yours today in Phuket!