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Porto de Phuket cannabis health and travel fair

Nov 9, 2022

One of the first ever cannabis fairs was held in Phuket last week and we were there to get the low down. Businesses, chefs and cannabis experts from Phuket and Bangkok put on exhibitions for the event which is tipped to become an annual occurrence. With Phuket set to become a hub for cannabis tourism, the fair is sure to be a popular event in the years to come. And what better place to celebrate this amazing plant than at the Porto de Phuket cannabis health and travel fair? We were there to bring you all the latest developments in the world of cannabis, and we were not disappointed. From groundbreaking new products to exciting plans, there was something for everyone at this year’s fair. Plus, we got to enjoy some delicious cannabis-infused cuisine! We’re already looking forward to next year’s event – and the one after that, and the one after that

The recent legalization of cannabis in Thailand has been a boon for both the country’s burgeoning cannabis industry and for curious travelers. Scientists have long been touting the potential health benefits of cannabis, and Thailand is now at the forefront of this rapidly growing industry. With its tropical climate and rich cultural tradition of herbal medicine, Thailand is poised to become a leading producer of cannabinoids. The country’s legalization of medical cannabis has already attracted a growing number of tourists, who are eager to sample the local products and experience the benefits of this ancient healing plant. With its unique combination of modern amenities and ancient wisdom, Thailand is quickly becoming a destination for those seeking to learn more about the therapeutic potential of cannabis.  The event was important because scientists keep coming out with new research data on the benefits of cannabis. This event signaled a change in the way people view cannabis and its role in society. It also showed that cannabis can be enjoyed in a responsible and safe manner. Thailand is leading the way in Asia when it comes to cannabis and this event was a key step in normalizing the plant.

The fair featured several highly renowned speakers from the world of cannabis. Chef Juti Chaew, who is known for his signature Cannabis cooking, presented a cooking class. Joined by Chef Ratsmi Pakitanang, who is also an expert in cooking with cannabis. These two chefs discussed the best ways to use cannabis in cooking, as well as demonstrating some of their own personal recipes.

In addition to the cooking class, there was a special discussions on organic cannabis farming by Khun Wandee Phetchu, President of Herbal Community Enterprise and Health tourism (Phuket), and Khun Somoyet Singhakar, Director of Health tourism and Herbal Community Enterprise Plant (Phuket). These speakers shared their knowledge on the future of the cannabis industry, as well as the science behind the use of cannabis products. They also discussed how Thailand, and specifically Phuket, is poised to become a leading destination for health tourism due to the increasing popularity of cannabis-based treatments.

The cannabis fair was a hit! Attendees enjoyed browsing the many different booths, each with their own unique offerings. The farmers’ booth was a particular favorite, as attendees were able to learn about different strains of cannabis and see the plants up close. The health companies’ booth was also popular, as attendees were able to try out different CBD products and learn about the latest research on the benefits of cannabis. Overall, the fair was a great success, and attendees left feeling informed and excited about the potential of the cannabis plant. Other popular attractions included the health companies offering therapeutic treatments, and the science-backed clinics who were able to provide up-to-date information on the latest treatments for a range of conditions. Overall, the Cannabis Fair was a fantastic opportunity for those in attendance to learn more about this amazing plant and its many uses.

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