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HybridIndica dominant
THC level: 19%
Amnesia skunk weed in Phuket Amnesia skunk
HybridSativa dominant
THC level: 22 -26%
Apex kush in Phuket, Thailand Apex Kush
Indica dominant
THC level: 15 -18%
apples and bananas in Phuket, Thailand Apples and Bananas
THC level: 22 - 24%
Banana OG
HybridIndica dominant
THC level: 23-27%
Cherry Grapefruit
HybridSativa dominant
THC level: 18-20%
Chocolate Milkshake
HybridIndica dominant
THC level: 18-22%
Critical Kush
HybridIndica dominant
THC level: 25%
green marvel cannabis strain in Phuket, Thailand Green Marvel
Sativa dominant
THC level: 22 - 26%
Ice cream x temptation weed strain. Strong indica in Phuket, Thailand Ice Cream X Temptation
IndicaIndica dominantIndica Dominant Hybrid
THC level: 28-30%
Josh D OG
HybridIndica dominant
THC level: 18-27%
Liquirizia weed strain Liquirizia
Indica dominant
THC level: 18%
Northern Lights in Phuket, Thailand Northern Lights
THC level: 16 - 20%
Power plant
HybridSativa dominant
THC level: 15-20%
Slurricane weed strain in Phuket Thailand Slurricane
IndicaIndica dominant
THC level: 18 -20%
Thai stick in Phuket Thai stick
THC level: 16 - 20%
Trop cherry strain in Phuket, Thailand Trop Cherry
HybridSativa Dominant Hybrid
THC level: 18 - 24%